lørdag, mars 07, 2009

Best of Bleek

I den ellevte utgaven av Crossfaded Bacons serie 1st & 15th, byr Emynd på en miks med sine Memphis Bleek-favoritter. Tracklist finner du i kommentarfeltet.

”Look, I know Memphis Bleek is not the best rapper in the world. When I told Noz that I was doing a Memphis Bleek best of, he was flabbergasted and exclaimed that “Bleek is empirically bad… like only slightly better than that random girl on Outkast’s ‘Mamacita.’” Ouch. Whatever though. While I recognize that Bleek is not always the best rapper in the world, dude has made a whole bunch of songs that I like. I mean, damn, dude has like 5 albums. WTF! Somehow I dug up 30 jams of his that I like and put them together and I’ll be damned if this mix isn’t awesome. It’s got some classic joints that I still play in the club to this day (like “Is That Your Chick” and “It’s Alright”), some rarities (like the absolutely incredible “Yes”), and even random stuff like Eli Escobar’s amazing remix of “4 Da Fam.” By the way, it was a funny thing to cut Jay-Z verses off of bleek songs for this mix on some “Wait, I’m doing this backwards.” Hah. So yeah, honestly, I don’t really expect any of you to love this mix as much as me, but I hope you do!”

Crossfaded Bacon Presents 1st & 15th (Pretty Much) Mix Series - BEST OF BLEEK

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1. Memphis Bleek - U Know Bleek
2. Memphis Bleek - Memphis Bleek Is…
3. The Dynasty - Get Your Mind Right Mami
4. Beanie Sigel ft Memphis Bleek - Who Want What
5. The Dynasty - Holla
6. Memphis Bleek ft MOP - First, Last and Only
7. Memphis Bleek - 534
8. Memphis Bleek - All Types Of Shit
9. Memphis Bleek - Round Here
10. Memphis Bleek - They’ll Never Play Me
11. Memphis Bleek ft Jay-Z and Missy - Is That Your Chick
12. Memphis Bleek - Yes
13. Memphis Bleek ft Proof - Get Low
14. Memphis Bleek - Everything’s A Go
15. Memphis Bleek - Roc-A-Fella Get Low Respect It
16. Memphis Bleek - 1, 2 Y’all
17. The Dynasty - You, Me, Him And Her
18. Memphis Bleek feat Jay-z - Do My Ladies Run This Mutha
19. Memphis Bleek - Murda Murda
20. Jay-Z ft. Memphis Bleek - It’s Alright
21. Memphis Bleek - Alright
22. Memphis Bleek ft Freeway - Just Blaze, Bleek & Free
23. The Dynasty - Change The Game
24. Memphis Bleek ft Beanie Sigel - My Hood To Your Hood
25. Memphis Bleek - Stay Alive In NYC
26. Memphis Bleek - Hater Free
27. The Dynasty - Parking Lot Pimpin’
28. Eli Escobar Remix - 4 Da Fam
29. Memphis Bleek ft Beanie Sigel - Hustlers
30. Memphis Bleek - In My Life
31. Memphis Bleek - All About Me

Anonym sa...

Det der er en kjempidé av en mixtape! Laster ned nå.

Joey Saza sa...

Fett! savner et par klassikere, først og fremst I Get High, men også Murda For Life..!!

Ketil sa...

1-900-hustler også!!!