onsdag, desember 03, 2008

1st & 15th (Pretty Much) Mix Series

DJ Ayres har satt sammen sine Young Jeezy-favoritter til femte utgave av Crossfaded Bacons mixserie 1st & 15th (sjekk kommentarfeltet for tracklist):

"This month, our friend DJ Ayres from The Rub in Brooklyn was kind enough to offer his services, volunteering a "Best of Jeezy" tape. Jeezy is easily one of our favorite rappers right now and Ayres does a great job representing Jeezy's best known classics mixed splendidly with his lesser known rarities and guest appearances. Ayres was so excited about doing this mix, he actually threw on a Snowman chain and went on a photoshoot! So ill! But yeah, it's a really listenable mix and we're extremely pleased to present it to you today":

1st & 15th (Pretty Much) Mix Series Volume 5: DJ Ayres – Best Of Young Jeezy

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Jay sa...

1. Gangsta Walkin (ft Dank)
2. We Can Play This Game
3. Put The Whip On It
4. Come Shop Wit Me
5. Ain't I
6. Trap Or Die Intro
7. Thug Motivation 101
8. Gangsta Music
9. Don't Get Caught
10. Talk To Em
11. Soul Survivor (ft Akon)
12. Go Crazy (ft Jay-Z)
13. Top Back Remix (TI ft Young Jeezy)
14. Grew Up A Screw Up (Ludacris ft Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy)
15. 4 Kings (Young Buck ft TI, Young Jeezy & Pimp C)
16. 3 AM (ft Timbaland)
17. J.E.E.Z.Y.
18. You Know What It Is
19. Go Getta (ft R Kelly)
20. Go Getta (Remix ft Bun-B & Jadakiss)
21. I Luv It
22. Hood Nigga (Gorilla Zoe ft Young Jeezy)
23. Diamonds (Fabolous ft Young Jeezy)
24. 5000 1's (DJ Drama ft Jazze Pha, TI, Young Jeezy...)
25. I'm So Hood (DJ Khaled ft Ludacris, Big Boi, Lil Wayne...)
26. White Girl (USDA)
27. Out Here Grindin (DJ Khaled ft Akon, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy...)
28. Superstar Remix (Lupe Fiasco ft Young Jeezy & TI)
29. Corporate Thuggin (USDA)
30. They Know Remix (Shawty Lo ft Young Jeezy)
31. What They Want
32. Don't Know You
33. Put On remix (ft Kanye West & Jay-Z)
34. Diamonds (Slim Thug f. Young Jeezy - DJ Ayres & Winslow Turner Porter III Remix)

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