tirsdag, desember 02, 2008

Oppdatert: Damage Control med nok en Pimp C-spesial!

Jeg vet ikke hvor mange som hoerer paa programmet til Matt Sonzala lenger, noen har kanskje ikke hoert paa siden samme tid i fjor. Men den fjerde desember i fjor doede en av de aller stoerste. Saa som en tribute til det setter Matt Sonzala sammen en Pimp C-spesial, natt til torsdag lokal tid. Det skulle vel vaere i morgendraget torsdag i Oslo det. Her er hva folkehelt Matt sier man kan vente seg:

"Wednesday Night at Midnight, the start of December 4th marks one year since Chad Butler aka Pimp C was found dead in a hotel room in Atlanta. Last year we at Damage Control produced a bit of a tribute to the man, just a couple days after he passed. Wednesday night/Thursday morning we will take a look at the year since he has passed and will have some of his friends and family on the phone and in the studio talking about the man and all he brought to the music game.

And more.

It's one of the "hip-hop" deaths that I am sickest about. How many of our leaders have to die? Think about those who have passed in our community, almost all of them were leaders. Screw, Fat Pat, Hawk, Big Mello, Big Moe, all changed the game in some way, shape or form. They're not the only ones. We can't forget Pac, Biggie, Big L, hell we can't forget Scott LaRock, all leaders. Pimp C was a leader too. He was a man respected cuz he built his own lane and stayed in it and dominated it. He and Bun B are the backbone of this southern rap movement. The mentors, the true Kings. I thank God that we still have Bun B in our presence. He will join us in the studio and we have calls lined up from Mama Wes, David Banner, Greg Nice, Big Gipp and DJ Paul. That won't be all as I am sure more Houston folk will join us to relay some stories."

Du kan lytte online paa www.kpft.org. Forhaapentligvis legger Matt ut en MP3 ogsaa, saa den kan lastes ned. MP3 for nedlasting her og gi Matt en shout for å sette sammen det hele her.

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