tirsdag, juni 15, 2010

Droop-E: The Bay Genius Vol. 1

Last ned Rob Purseys hyllest til The Bay Areas vidunderbarn: The Bay Genius Vol. 1

"Droop-E is the Boy/Bay Genius no doubt. I guess being the son of E-40, he had little choice but to be an uncompromising, creative, forward thinking original. But seriously, who else has produced so many trunk-rattling, dreadlock shaking, stupid doo-doo-dumb records as Earl Stevens Jnr. whilst still in their teens? Who else could flip a Bjork sample (cleared by her goddamn self no less) in such an insane manner, and still keep that Bay Area slap? Droop-E has already etched himself indelibly into Bay Area and hip-hop music’s history, yet he still remains defiantly the future."

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